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Specializing in custom software development and cloud infrastructure management.


Custom Software Development

  • Custom software development for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Boost productivity and efficiency through automation
  • Rid your business of fragile Excel spreadsheets

Cloud Infrastructure Management

  • Infrastructure management through Infrastructure as Code (IAC) tools
  • Decentralizing your infrastructure knowledge for streamlined and collaborative development
  • Save time and reduce costs through automation and analysis tools

Strategic Technology Consulting

  • Align your technology goals with your business goals
  • Identify areas for innovation, allowing your to scale
  • Provide technical guidance for all areas of your business

Recent Projects

Frontier Lodging Solutions



About Us

Welcome to CKSoftware, a seasoned custom software development company with 13 years of excellence in the industry. At CKSoftware, we specialize in end-to-end software development, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs. Our mission is to optimize costs and increase operational efficiency through strategic automation and digitalization. With a proven track record, a client-centric approach, and a commitment to innovation, CKSoftware is your trusted partner on the journey to technological excellence.

“The custom software designed by CKSoftware for Frontier Lodging Solutions has significantly reduced our staffing requirements, enabling us to grow and operate more efficiently. Their innovative solutions have been a game-changer for our business.”

Richard Gardner

COO at Frontier Lodging Solutions

“CKSoftware, our trusted partner, demonstrates a long-term commitment to modernizing DLMS’s technology platform. Their expertise ensures our systems stay cutting-edge, fostering resilience in a rapidly evolving tech landscape”

Ryan House

Director of IT at DLMS

“Highly recommend CKSoftware for custom software development. Their solutions at Compass Geomatics have substantially boosted efficiency, streamlining workflows and contributing to our success. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in our long-term collaboration.”

Chris Angelhart

Lead Surveyor at Compass Geomatic

“CKSoftware’s technical expertise and CTO-as-a-service have been invaluable for our organization. Their strategic guidance has helped navigate complex challenges, ensuring our technology aligns seamlessly with business goals. Their commitment makes them an indispensable part of our team.”

Kate Maxwell

Owner at MopSpot Inc

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